Residential Pest Management

Solutions Plus Pest Control provides all the services needed to protect your home from termites, spiders, roaches, fleas, ants, ticks, mice, rats, wasps, silverfish, pill bugs, beetles and other pests. 

One-time Treatment

Solutions Plus Pest Control provides a one-time treatment service that is economical, effective and efficient. After identifying the pest and figuring out the sources of infestation we will determine the specific treatment required. We will then treat both the interior and exterior perimeters of your home as needed to control the unwanted pests. This continuous barrier not only eliminates unwanted pests already inside, but also keeps other unwanted pests out. 

  • 30-day Guarantee Against the Targeted Pests
  • No Follow-Up Charges

Perimeter Plan

Many of our customers want a service that relies less on pesticides and more on exterior perimeter control. Because monthly services cost too much for your typical home, Solutions Plus Pest Control provides a perimeter service that not only saves you money but also provides a year-round pest free environment. We will treat the interior of the home once a year and treat the exterior perimeter of the home three times each year. The treatments are performed in the Spring, mid-Summer and Fall.

  • Exterior service 3 times per year
  • Interior and in-between services - upon request, no additional charge
  • FREE in-between service calls for all general pests

Specialty Services

Solutions Plus Pest Control also provides treatment and prevention of rodents, termites, pantry insects, fleas and more.  Contact us today to schedule a free inspection to determine the best plan for your home 513-502-4681.