Mark and Jen are amazing! Once we found are unwanted pests it was difficult to sleep and after doing some research on the Internet and finding Bed Bug Solutions at 4 am I left a message and at 6 am I received a message to call Jen. After talking with Jen (while they were on vacation) I was able to rest easy that our problem was going to be taken care of. Once Mark and Jen got to our home they reassured us that things were going to get better. They are very honest, respectful and professional. The price was a great value especially with the guarantee. Finding bed bugs in our home was quite an experience, emotionally, financially and physically and wouldn't have been as successful as we were in getting rid of them if it weren't for Mark and Jen. Thank you!

Kendra A., Williamsburg, Ohio

My home was de-cluttered and treated for bed bugs by Bed Bug Solutions Cincinnati. Wonderful service, above and beyond! I was treated with compassion and understanding. They were discreet and professional. They disposed of un-salvageable items, treated and arranged my furniture in an aesthetically pleasing and functional way and decorated for Christmas. My home was ready for company when we returned after their multi-day cleaning and treatment. We have a guarantee for a year. Everything was fully explained and met with my approval. They were truly an answer to prayer. We have our home back!

Pat H, Cincinnati, Ohio

Great company, great people.  I knew within the first minute of talking to them that I had made the right choice. Treatment was $300 cheaper than another big name pest control company and a free 1 year warranty which the other company wanted $450 for! It took them about 2 hours to do the whole house and they came back for a free follow up inspection a few weeks later. They are the nicest people you will ever meet and they got the job done right the first time. I would highly recommend bed bug solutions to anyone going through the nightmare of a bed bug infestation. 5 stars for the service, 10 stars for people!

Ryan W., Dayton, Ohio

Mark and Jen were fantastic to work with. I discovered the bugs and the next day they were out to inspect and spray the house. The were very knowledgeable on the topic and eased my concerns and anxiety very quickly. We just had our follow up this week and everything went very well. They helped us put on all of the sleep defense systems that we ordered as well as spraying new furniture we had just bought. They truly care about you and make sure that the job gets done. I also very much appreciate that their product is safe and gives you prevention for a year against further issues. I highly recommend them for treatment or prevention, and will continue to use them for preventative sprays in the future!

Erin W., Cincinnati, Ohio

Ok I cant tell you how panicked I was when I first discovered that our condos had a bed bug issue. I called several different places and was getting a lot of conflicting information about what treatment works and so on. Mark and Jen really impressed me with their level of support from the beginning. They were even on vacation and continued to answer my crazy questions. They won me over with their level of support. My only hesitation was that I couldn't understand why people would go with the $2K+ treatments if theirs was more affordable. Whats the catch? Well, there is none. People only go with the more expensive options because they don't know any better. My neighbor (the first one with the issue) had his place heat treated and paid $1900- and he only chased the bugs to my place. We ended up having Jen and Mark treat all of the units which would ensure we got rid of the problem. I am so grateful that I found them!

Laura T., Cincinnati, Ohio

Mark & Jen, I am so happy that you guys came out to my house.  Whenever you're dealing with a subject that you're not familiar with it's hard to make a decision.  With that being said, I couldn't be happier with the way things have turned out.  I felt very comfortable having you guys in my house, you are very professional and courteous and friendly.  You were on time and your pricing was very reasonable.  The best part is after just  one thorough treatment, the house is completely bug-free!  One happy customer that would recommend you anytime!  Thanks again!

Tom W., Cincinnati, Ohio

After being disappointed by a national exterminator, we contacted Bed Bug Solutions. Mark and Jen were very supportive. They provided considerable information, provided a detailed inspection of the house, and followed up with an extermination. They returned 3 weeks later for an inspection, which showed no more bed bugs, and provided a one-year guarantee. They even placed the encasements on our mattresses and pillowcases. At all times we felt comfortable with them in discussing the problem, arranging times and dates, and answering questions. We highly recommend them!

Robert V., Mason, Ohio